Do You Want Some Free Material From The Law Depot

Do You Want Some Free Material From The Law Depot


The Law Depot is an affiliate that provides quality information on various aspects of law.  There is a lot of free information.  In some cases you might have to pay for help.  However, it is worth a look.


For example you can obtain the following information FREE by following the link.

Partnership Agreement – For All You That are Thinking of Forming a Business Partnership
Establishes the rights and responsibilities of general partners, and the rules in a for-profit partnership.


The site will do a free partnership agreement for a business in any province in Canada.


The site will explain what a partnership agreement is, and how to file a partnership agreement.


You can use the following link for further information:




LSAT Prep – For all you aspiring lawyers
A Law School Administration Test (LSAT) is a required exam for admission into law school. Take a previously administered test to prepare for the LSAT.  The example is 2007.  It would be good practice before you try the real thing.


From the web site:

“The following exam was administered by the Law School Administrative Council (LSAC) to test takers in June 2007. It is intended to help you prepare for the Law School Administration Test (LSAT), an entrance exam for many law schools. The test has four sections covering reading comprehension, analytical reasoning, and logical reasoning.”


The site will explain what the LSAT is, and how the test is scored.


You can use the following link for further information:



Business Plan – This is the most important business document for a number of reasons.

A comprehensive proposal that outlines a business’s challenges and opportunities as well as its marketing, financial, and management plans.


The site will ask you to select the industry/business you are in.


The site will explain what a business plan is, and what you need to know to complete a business plan.


You can obtain further information from the following link:


For any other legal advice/information you can select the Law Depot icon located  on the upper left side of this screen.