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In House Training
All one day courses delivered by River Street Consultant can be hosted as an in house training course, at your premises. You and your staff don’t come to us.  Our trainers come to you, delivering a training event in house. River Street Consultant offers in house training courses across our core range of management, human resources and leadership learning. The main emphasis is on developing the soft skills of your employees, or developing soft skills on a personal basis.

The postings will be listed under different categories.

The postings are excerpts from the workshops we can offer to you. The excerpts will be interesting to the general population as a whole.  Postings will be posted once a week on a Wednesday unless there is a holiday falling on a Friday or Monday.

Future plans for the website is the addition of webinars, ebooks and audio workshops. The webinars will be mostly recorded but live webinars could be a possibility in the future.   Also, the addition of online courses could be a possibility.

My name is Rod Holmes.  I have degrees from the University of Saskatchewan.  I have over twenty years instructing a variety of business courses at the diploma, degree, and MBA levels.  I spent thirteen years instructing in Malaysia.  Also. I instructed several years instructing at SIIT in Saskatchewan.

I have had a rich teaching experience involving students from Malaysia, Pakistan, Indonesia and China in Asia.  Also, I have taught Aboriginal students for several years.

As you can see the workshops cover a variety of business related topics.  The postings will reflect the topics covered in the workshops.  A posting will eventually cover a topic you might be interested in.

I hope you enjoy the postings, and you find the information useful in your everyday life.

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